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Online Physical Therapy with BSTC


​​RELIEVE pain    PREVENT injury    improve PERFORMANCE    optimise MOVEMENT


Your body's capacity is limitless, which is why came up with a system to teach you how to:


help heal you from injury


unleash your physical and mental strength


reach your goals


achieve full athletic potential



Our [P]Rehab programs are comprehensive workout programs based on body region, movement, or activity that include detailed exercise guidance and education designed to bulletproof your body for anything life throws at you!


The programs we design are specific to your requirements and will be emailed to you with:


video demonstrations


detailed instructions on how to complete each exercise


the specific parameters for exactly how often to perform each exercise



For us to build your customised program, please email us at using the subject heading 'training program'. We will contact you forthwith to discuss what you are looking for and to help you workout the best payment plan for your needs.


Payment option 1 - 1 years worth of programs - £119.99


(example - 6 programs provided through the year, each prog lasts 2 months)



Payment option 2 - pay as you go - £14.99


(example - purchase a program leading up to a specific event in the year)



Or purchase one of our set programs that you feel suits your current training or [p]rehab 


Specific Body Parts:


Protect your shoulders and power your performance - 16 weeks  - 4 phases


Maximise performance and optimise recovery - 12 weeks - 3 phases


Manage flare ups and restore optimal lower back funtion - 12 weeks - 3 phases



Increase range of motion and improve strength - 14 weeks - 3 phases


Bulletproof your leg from the ground up - 12 weeks - 3 phases


Power your posture and miimize discomfort - 8 weeks - 2 phases


Use your arm to its fullest - 12 weeks - 3 phases


Specific Sports and Activities:


Build the foundation of plyometrics


Master jump variations to improve athletic performance


learn how to start, get back to or more importantly stay running and avoid common injuries


Learn everything you need to about posture and the best movements to break up a sedentary lifestyle


Fundamental Movements:


Improve your back squat strength and performance


Master the lunge and all of its variations




Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds/returns due to our service being digital-based


Payment Cards Accepted







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