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ISRM Position Statement for Lockdown 2

Following the release of The Health Protection Coronavirus Regulation (No.4) which sets in law restrictions and exemptions pertaining to the second National Lockdown, the ISRM new guidance (which supersedes all previous guidance documents but is itself superseded by Statutory Regulations) determines

That ISRM members, who by definition are qualified at Level 4 and Level 5 will be able to continue providing Face to Face appointments if there is a health need such as for the specific treatment of injury and pain under the following conditions:

  1. Face to Face appointments and treatments are agreed in collaboration with the client only after a remote/online screening and history taking process has been performed and Face to Face has been deemed necessary
  2. Face to Face appointments and treatments may be deemed necessary if they would prevent escalation of a condition which may require access to NHS services, or which will have a dramatic detrimental effect on daily living
  3. Face to Face appointment times must be kept to an absolute minimum
  4. Massage must not be the main focus of the Soft Tissue Therapy appointment  
  5. Massage for relaxation and as a regular maintenance treatment is not permitted during this lockdown
  6. Home visits are not permitted.
  7. Working from Home is permitted only if there is separate access and no shared facilities with the household.
  8. Public Health England (PHE) Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidance must be followed for use of PPE and cleaning protocols
  9. Training in IPC/PPE must be undertaken through The World Health Organisation (WHO) online course or equivalent and must be documented
  10. Therapists must clearly document the process of clinical decision making in their notes with particular attention on the justification for Face to Face appointment
  11. Students are not allowed during this Lockdown to practice on any person outside their own household

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